House Rules

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If you're near Waltham Forest in London, you can add a story at some of the local libraries right now..

If you're not, or you can't get to the library, then you can upload a story here. You'll need a picture to go with it – say, a photo of the original game, a picture of your rules, or a diagram of how the game works – or you can download one of our postcards and add your own text and scribbles in your favourite drawing program (orange-blue, yellow-green, grey-orange, blue-yellow).

If you can't provide a picture, you can pop your rules in this form and we'll upload them to the website when we get a chance (we'll be prioritising the rulesets with pictures though so it might take a bit longer!)

Note: File uploads are logged to prevent abuse. Exif data is removed from photos when uploading. By adding a story you certify you have the right to use the image you’re uploading, and that you’re OK with us displaying it and your story as part of House Rules, both online and in physical displays. (You retain ownership of your story otherwise.)